Friday, May 17, 2013

Gardening Where You Are

I've got a huge garden full of a lot of veggies. Every year I make it a little bigger and add more to it. This year I've got a strawberry patch, raspberry canes, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, peppers, peas, carrots and a variety of herbs. As the summer goes on I'll keeping tending it and adding more things to it.
A few years ago I realized that I don't like walking across my yard when I want a few leaves of lettuce for a burger. I'm pretty lazy and like to find the simplest ways to do things. Around that time I started buying medium planters, filling them with potting soil and growing a few things just outside my backdoor.

Basically I'm growing a salad. I've got leafy lettuces and a patio tomato plant as my go to, easy
answer to walking across the yard. One of the easiest things about growing planters by the door- just fill a cup with water and you can easily water your plant(s). Much easier than getting out the hose and setting up a sprinkler for the garden.

I still have my big backyard garden where I grow more lettuce and tomatoes but my absolute favorite things I grow are by the backdoor.

Do you spend a lot on organic lettuces? Is a big garden too much for you this year? Have you considered the ease of one or two planters with your favorite veggies on your patio?
1st salad of 2013 from my patio
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  1. I love this! When we lived in an apartment, we planted herbs and some peas in an old plastic storage container (chic, no?). I love the idea of growing a salad, right out your back door!

  2. I used to have a sunny step right outside my kitchen where I had mint and some lettuces and herbs. You're right! Having those things so close is much nicer, and I found I used them more too. It's too bad that now we've moved and the steps near the kitchen are on the shady side of the house.



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