Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Do It Yourself Foaming Hand Soap

Here’s my easy & frugal solution to making my own foaming hand soap.

1 foaming soap bottle
1 part water
1 part (SLS free) body wash (I like Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash) or Dr. Bronner’s liquid Castile Soap

Add water and soap in equal measures to a bottle and mix or shake. It may take a few squirts for the soap to thoroughly dilute. That’s it! Easy-peasy, right?


  1. I have some Dr. Bronner's. Did you buy a foaming soap bottle somewhere or did you just use a store bought one and refill it with your own homemade version?

    1. I already had a store bought one on hand that I cleaned out and reused. These days I'm also adding a few drops cloves essential oil for it's antibacterial properties. I also only use distilled water.



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