Saturday, February 18, 2012

Home Beauty with Honey

One of my absolute favorite at home beauty treatments is a Honey Hair Pack. I first learned about using honey on my hair about 9 years ago from the book Natural Beauty at Home by Janice Cox.

Honey is an all natural product you can find at any grocery story & it has some wonderful beauty uses at home.  It contains many vital vitamins and minerals and it's high potassium content make it nearly impossible for bacteria to survive in it. Honey gives dry or damaged hair back it's moisture, color, body & shine.  Honey can have a lightening effect on hair over time so if you've got dark hair I'd recommend trying molasses instead.  Try a honey hair pack once a week!  I love to use honey on my dark blond hair & I recommend you give it a try too!

First comb through your hair with a wet comb to get your hair slightly damp. Be sure to wear a button up shirt or robe as you don't want to get honey on your shirt. Next drizzle about 1/2 cup of honey all through your hair and then put on a shower cap or wrap your head in plastic wrap and wait 20-30 minutes. Don't worry about the stickiness as it will easily wash out of your hair.  I love to sip a hot beverage & have some quiet reading time while waiting.  Finally you wash & condition your hair as normal.  Easy, frugal & good for you!

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