Saturday, March 24, 2012

Project Simplicity On The Drawers

For the third week of Project Simplicity I decided to clean out a dresser that has been accumulating clutter for the last 12 years. Joe and I had an awesome date night last night so I did not get to this project until today. We placed this dresser in the basement when we moved to this house 5 years ago and just kept adding little things to it to store. Most of it needed to be tossed in recycling, a little in the giveaway bag and some needed to be put in a more useful spot.

Before: The bottom drawer had paper, empty CD cases, old maps, user manuals & so much more. 
Before: This drawer was full of cords. I needed Joe to decide on this stuff as I didn't know what all of it was.
 Before: I found lots of old pictures here and some old audio cassettes.

After: All the drawers are empty! I'm hoping we're going to find a new place for this dresser in our guest room and now it's ready.

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