Saturday, March 17, 2012

Project Simplify Week Two

This week was a much slower & simpler pace than I had anticipated as I recovered from an illness that laid me low for a couple of days. As a result of being sick I was playing catch up all week with just the normal household things. I did make time on Thursday and Friday to clean out and organize some cabinets but I didn't get to as much of the kitchen as I'd wanted to.

Before: the Spice Cabinet

After:I bought a small spice rack to fit in the cabinet and organize 18 of my smaller spices. I like that this rack is small enough to fit inside a cabinet and not take up my limited counter space.

Before: Above the microwave

After: I purged a couple of things and moved some other items up there to store.

Before: Above the Refrigerator

After: This was a catch-all area that confiscated toys went to hide. We also keep the kids candy bags up there. I cleared it off and gave the area a much needed wipe down. I relocated some things back to their places and threw some other things away. This area looks SO MUCH BETTER!


After: I did the least in this cabinet. I purged a few things and rearranged a few others.

Week Two is over and I'm so happy to have a simpler, more organized kitchen.

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  1. I also keep candy on top of the fridge to stop the kids from eating it, but they are such monkey's they will climb to get it. Great job!