Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pear Sauce

This week I found 10 pounds of pears on clearance so I bought them all with the plan to make something yummy for my kids. My boys are always hungry...I mean ALWAYS. I thought pearsauce just might satisfy the kids, at least for a little while. Ripe pears are the best because they are at their peak sweetness and peel & chop easily. Many of these pears were bruised but I just cut around the bad spots.
I peeled and cut up half of the pears I bought and put them in a large stockpot to simmer. I left them simmering on low for an hour or so and added some cinnamon and a tablespoon of raw sugar. When I make apple sauce I need to add water when they are simmering but the pears did not need anymore liquid. Once they were sufficiently soft I moved them off the burner to cool. These pears were VERY juicy.  I poured the pear juice into a jar for the kids to drink later. I put the pears in my food processor and blended them until smooth.

That's it! Easy pear sauce that my boys gobbled down quick. It really lasted only 2 days. They ate it all that fast!

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