Monday, July 9, 2012

Fun With Our Homemade Sprinkler

Let me start by saying this homemade sprinkler is not my own invention. I was unfortunately not blessed with much of a crafty gene. I found the idea for this sprinkler over a year ago on Pinterest but I can't remember what blog it came from. 

My eldest, Zane loves playing with water so when I mentioned making our own sprinkler out of a 2 liter bottle he was very excited. 

It's really quite simple. You poke holes with a push pin all over the bottle and then use duct tape to attach it to your garden hose. Turn on your water and the bottle will fill up and spray water out the holes.

My younger boys were happy to run through the water but not Zane. He was not content to leave our sprinkler in one place and kept moving the bottle around the yard.  He really wanted it to spray him while he was swinging so he worked hard to balance it above the swing.

The bottle sprinkler stayed above the swings for a while but eventually kept falling. It's not so easy to keep a bottle full of 2 liters of water balanced on a board. Zane was still pretty happy when the bottle was hanging down as it was still spraying the swings.

Simple, frugal and easy- just how I like my kid projects!

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