Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Honey on my Face

I love honey: raw, local, all natural honey.  I'm not talking about the cheap, fake stuff either. Local, raw honey tastes amazing and is full of the good stuff. I add it to my tea, use it on my face & put it in my hairHoney contains some of the most incredible antibacterial power nature has to offer. It will replace much needed moisture in your skin, while at the same time pulling out the oil and bad stuff. 

I started using honey as part of my morning facial routine at the suggestion of Crunchy Betty's ebook Food on Your Face. I pour some honey on my fingers and spread it all over my face. If I'm in a hurry I'll wash it off right away. If I've got some time I'll leave the honey on for 5 or 10 minutes while I do other things and then wash it off. It has been a great acne fighter for me along with my thyme toner I use before bed.

Beware buying your honey from a big-box store or pharmacy. Often times, it's not even honey.

Pasteurized honey is no good for your face. All the beneficial enzymes have been killed in the heating process. This is the honey you typically find in mainstream grocery stores. Often it's"laundered" from Asian countries to hide it's inferior Chinese origin.  

Raw, unfiltered honey is honey that has been heated less than 115 degrees Fahrenheit, the official “raw heat” designation. It's been minimally filtered to remove some of the pollen, propolis, and wax. Where can you get the good stuff? I get mine at local orchards and farmer markets. 
To learn more about honey, I highly recommend these articles:


  1. I love my local, raw honey! You are so right about the abundance of benefits true, raw honey has to offer. My face loves the extra attention with I use a raw honey facial mask :)
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  2. Found and followed you through A Delightful Home's link party. I just love your blog! Feel free to stop by mine as well :)


  3. I wash my face with honey, too! I love it. I haven't noticed any difference with different types of honey, but I usually buy the local honey from my food co-op's bulk section.

  4. What a great idea!! If I still had acne, I'd do it!! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my honey. The rawer the better, LOL!! I put it on toast, use it in bread, and used to use it in cookies to combat too much sugar getting into young children's blood stream and causing some of them to bounce off the wall a bit too much.

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  7. This is great!!! :) Thanks for sharing. :) I'm featuring your post this week, so be on the lookout, as I'll also post it on my Facebook page. :)




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