Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Things I Love at Trader Joe's

There are MANY things I love from Trader Joe’s.  It’s really my favorite food place to shop. I have to be careful with my money when I visit since there are so many tempting items. A TJ’s recently opened in Kansas City and my friend Sara asked for recommendations so I compiled this ever-expanding list.  Here are some of my favorite buys. I’ll only mention Trader Joe's brand items since you can find other things elsewhere.  

Mandarin Orange Chicken (orange bag)
Edamame (yellow & blue bag- kids love) 
Wild caught Salmon

Dry goods
Fig & Apple cereal bars (kids love)
Double Roasted salsa
Organic Joe O's pasta (like spagheti o's)
fair trade organic breakfast blend coffee (all the coffees are great)
white-whole wheat flour
pure organic powdered stevia
organic coconut oil
turbinado sugar

Organic yogurt- vanilla or plain (although I usually make my own these days)
cheeses- lots of gourmet varieties
beef nitrate-free hotdogs (for kids)

Tea Tree shampoo, conditioner & body wash
kids vitamins in the bear bottle
fair trade dark or milk chocolate bars (at register)

They say you can sample anything although I’m too shy to ever ask.  The employees are very helpful and I’ve experienced the best customer service I've ever had there.  My kids love shopping there for the samples & they look for Shelly the turtle to get a prize at the checkout. We always have a great time shopping at TJ’s!

What items did I miss?  What are your Trader Joe's favorites?


  1. we love the frozen taquitos and the fire roasted frozen corn. I've made a few things from their recipes (on the site) and love them. :)

  2. Love the organic frozen corn, and the "foursome" organic frozen veggies (mixed veggies)...they just taste amazing compared to any other brand.
    Their crisp-type corn taco shells are really good.
    Corn Tortilla flatbreads/multiseed are near the crackers. Nice change from bread for your tuna or chicken salad.
    Balasamic white vinegar, and their honey. Read an article(consumer reports I think) that most honeys on the market, including national brands, are either adulterated or so filtered they lose all their benefits. Traders Joe's was one of the few that tested well.



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